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It may have taken longer than Bob Randel originally hoped, but after many years of anticipation ‚Percept‘ is a reality. After having seen it myself, I think it’s fair to call it the best full length video to come out of the Bay Area in many years. The last great scene video I can recall was ‚Cuttin‘ It Deep‘, which featured Eddie Cleveland and Zac Costa, and was released roughly a decade ago now. We’ve seen plenty from many talented riders in NorCal since then, but the area has been underrepresented overall.

Bob Randel has changed all that with ‚Percept‘ by providing the world an honest representation of the present day scene. Shining a bright light on familiar faces like Jackson Ratima, Kurt Russell, and Bob himself who are still going hard as ever, and bringing to the surface sleepers in Bubbie Gowin and John McGowan whose sections will certainly sear their names into your memory. Lucky for us Bob was kind enough to drop this exclusive trailer and also oblige us with the opportunity to interview him about the DVD –

A DIG EXCLUSIVE / Filmed & Edited by Bob Randel

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