„Permission Pool“ – Till It’s Dark

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Arizona and pools. There are so many of them, even in the modest neighborhoods every other house has one. When they leak, they can be troublesome and have to be drained to get fixed. And that trouble is any persons opportunity with a watchful eye and good timing. The word „Permission Pool“ is a phrase that releases a lot of stress and a dream come true for any rider that enjoys some carves in an empty pool. We had limited time to get a solid session in and unfortunately no pegs on the coping had to be enforce. But that didn’t stop us enjoying a basic pill shape pool. We had to get creative on the lines. But luckily the pool was old which usually means the transition is gonna be good. I invited some guys over that I knew would appreciate this rare session and keep the invite list to a minimum. We didnt set out to get crazy moves for Instagram or set out to film an edit at all actually. But in between runs I was inspired to pick up my camera and start gathering photos and film trying to capture the positive vibe that was so strong this afternoon. Some notable things happened during this session, and wasn’t just lines or tricks.

-1 rider rode his first pool.
-1 rider air’ed his first stairs.
-1 rider oppo air’ed his first stairs.
-2 riders met for the first time and became friends.
– 4 chips in the concrete were made and no one cared.
-everyone pedaled in the pool, and it didn’t matter.
-airing the forgiving stairs and casing it was always followed by high 5’s.
-Everyones hands were on their grips more than smart phones.

Hopefully you can feel the good vibe from this and go out to create your own new friends, sessions and explore all BMX has to offer. – Adam Banton

MUSIC: Christie Front Drive „November“

Drew Hosselton
Jason Lorenz
Pat Burkin
Corey „Ginja Ninja“ Fedder
Matt Fisbeck
Brad Pacheco
Adam Banton

Photo’s, Filming & Editing: Adam Banton
Additional filming: Pat Burkin

Special thanks to Christie Front Drive for music rights and a life of inspiration.


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