Fresh off the airplane heading back from X Games the whole crew met up for the Vans Shoes BMX video premiere Illustrated at my skatepark! I walked in the door and couldn’t believe just how many people were there ready to ride and watch the Vans video! We started the night off with a Flair Challenge and this time I dared Big Boy to do a Flair with LIL‘ Cory on his back and the Big Boy defied the odds again and landed it first try! Then we started the challenges first we did a high jump for the kids and a high bunny hop competition for the older guys and yes the 36“ record was broken! Then we had crazy best trick competition’s on the Step- up and the double kink rail and the winners got $100 Vans gift cards! after that we had 2 insane games of foot down and ended with a treasure hunt for a free pair of Vans shoes! Then we started the amazing Vans BMX video „Illustrated“ to end out the night!
The video goes on iTunes on tuesday June 7th so make sure you go to www.vans.com/illustrated and buy yours! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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