Police Burn Down Skatepark

I took way too many years of Spanish and am still horrible at it, but according to Eisen Sheild Skate Co, these ramps in Mexico were burnt down by the police. And, from what I gather, this came about because the old lady was making complaints about the people sleeping in the ramp. Police came and attempted to smoke them out, but it obviously got out of control. If anyone would like to correct me on this, I’ll gladly edit this. I’m a fan of facts over rumors.

Police or not, I imagine this is a pretty large blow to the scene down there. Imagine watching a large portion of your park just go up in flames right in front of you…devastating.

Check out the Eisen Sheild Skate Co. Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/EisenSHieldSkateCO

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