Premium Josh Harrington The Stray Frame Promo July 2013

The Premium „Stray“ is the third version of Josh Harrington’s signature frame series. Like versions 1 and 2, this frame is designed with the taller rider in mind. Josh is larger than life, on and off the bike, and his custom geometry is a reflection of that. Available in 21″ and 21.25″ top tubes, the Stray has a 14.25″ chain-stay, and a 9″ stand-over. So, if you’re in the 6′ ballpark, and ride rails, trails or park – The Stray is for you. Frame weight is 4lbs 12oz, and is currently available in matte blood red only.

Josh really went in on this video with clips that include his crazy RideBMX cover shot and the final clip blew all of our minds and I’m sure yours too. Josh hit that first try just before midday and it was the first clip on the Premium catalog trip. What a way to start a trip!

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Filmed By
Dan Foley
Rick Scott
Angie Marino
Terrell Gordy

Terrell Gordy