PRESTON OKERT | Odyssey BMX – Welcome to AM

Odyssey is stoked to welcome Preston Okert to the AM team! Preston rides everything and is up for anything. He’s a rare breed of all-terrain shredder whose top-notch skills and consistently good attitude make him an easy choice for any trip. He even dropped everything to get on a plane to Australia last month with less than 24 hours notice despite a new job and being 100 miles from an airport without his car…. He made it happen and of course killed it down under. Here’s the master of all-terrain himself Gary Young’s take:

“Preston has back-wheel boogied himself into the hearts of all those around him. His positivity, long smooth lines, and creativity have made him an absolute pleasure to share the deck with. I look forward to seeing where he continues to push his technical and often effortless-looking riding in the years to come.”

Tom Dugan is a big Preston fan too: “I’m looking forward to the long and steezy road ahead of this soon-to-be cold-cut savage. We breaking him in don’t worry!” Couldn’t have said it better myself. –Walter Pieringer.

Video by Zach Krejmas