Project Loop Skatepark Workshop – Featuring Chase Hawk & Joe Rich

Project LOOP (Lesson’s On and Off the Pavement) is a non-profit comprised of creative professionals that mentor youth. 
Kids get up close exposure and hands on experience through creative exercises in career fields of interest . You may have 
caught them over the years helping build and paint ramps for at Fun Fun Fun Fest, Texas Toast Jam and X-Games in Austin. 
The kids worked hard raising awareness and funding to build a skatepark for the youth of Taylor, Texas. They have partnered 
with Evergreen Skateparks to design and build the skatepark through a series of workshops. Recently, Evergreen and others 
amazing people visited the kids in Taylor to kick off the process.

Youth of Today – Stephan August / Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos –

Today we have the pleasure of introducing Stephan August, one of Southern California’s most promising young riders. While this isn’t Stephan’s first web video appearance, it is certainly his best footage to date. As you’d expect from a 19 year old living in California, the opportunities to ride are plentiful, and you can expect more from him in the near future by way of a Merritt edit and much more.

Get to know Stephan a bit better via DIG’s exclusive interview:

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte

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