Property of Kellin Quinn

Kellin got us the hook up at the Orlando Warped tour! Hanging out and going backstage was awesome to say the least. Cody and Jimmy were in town so we all rode Azalea skatepark before the wedding. Music + Cars + Bikes all in this one!
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Backstory behind meeting Kellin…

I honestly don’t remember exactly. I do know he tweeted at me one time something about one of our videos. It was sick to find out he watched our videos since I’ve been listening to Sleeping With Sirens for years now. We’ve been DM’ing/texting for a while and I was helping him get situated with his BMX bike for himself (he got his son one too). This was actually the first time we met in person. Awesome dude!

„Sway“ – David Cutter
„Vultures“ – Arbor’s Lane