Ride BMX – Escape to Nowhere – Brian Kachinsky

Brian Kachinsky explores the road less traveled and discovers a different sort of paradise in the high desert of Southern California…

„Each year millions of people travel to Southern California in search of the endless summer. As the days get shorter and winter sets in this journey to the west can seem like an escape to paradise. Many flock to the Los Angeles area and upon landing immediately head a short distance westward to the coastline. I’ve done this before. I liked it. Recently, after landing at LAX I never saw the ocean or the Hollywood walk of fame. Instead, I headed east into the high desert in search of a different sort of paradise.

As BMXers we are often cut from from a different cloth. Our ideal paradise doesn’t always include the sandy beaches, fancy nightclubs or resorts. Sometimes we are just happy to ride a new spot and explore the road less traveled.“

-Brian Kachinsky

Huge thanks goes out to Vans and DK for their support on this project.

Music by Figures of Wax and MassAppeal Beatz

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