Ride On 1992 By Eddie Roman – Part 2 of 2

Ride On 1992 By Eddie Roman – Part 2 of 2 | Subscribe to DIG’s channel – http://bit.ly/DigBMX

„A good portion of Ride On was filmed at the first B.S. contest series. Mat Hoffman had taken the cue from Ron Wilkerson just a few years earlier and created the Bicycle Stunt series. Dedicated riders travelled from far and wide to participate in the comps and to witness the level of progression getting blown through the roof by the likes of Jay Miron, Rick Moliterno, Dennis McCoy, Bob Kohl, Dave Mirra, Krt Schmidt and the only Lord that makes an actual physical appearance in the video, Lord Voelker. The turnout for these contests may not have been huge, but you could guarantee that every single person in the building was a rider. With rider owned brands like S&M, Hoffman, and Standard quickly gaining steam… the actual riders themselves were taking hold of the BMX reigns and pointing it in the direction they thought it should go… not all polished and choreographed like the AFA days of wearing leathers. I can honestly say that it was one of the most exciting times in BMX, and Ride On captures that feel, perfectly.“ – Stew Johnson DIGBMX

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