Risked Everything for a Piece of Paper

Graduating wasn’t always a big deal to me. After the difficulties of this past year I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this video and begin my life as a college graduate. Thank you all for hanging around through the good and the bad. You’re the best.
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I want to reinforce yet again that through this video I am not trying to persuade everyone to be an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, or start a clothing brand or something that I’ve done. I’m trying to convey how much my life has changed for the better ever since I made the decision to pursue my interests and follow my passion. Every single person is different and your dream might be to work at a sick company like BMW or Redbull or Google (who knows?). If you know what you want to do, don’t waste time and get distracted by noise – be intentional and you’ll reach your goals much faster than you could imagine. It’s okay to have a fall back plan, but don’t let it consume your life.

And to address the comments I am predicting along the lines of „YouTube isn’t sustainable“, „You can’t do this forever“, „You’re blowing all your money and will be screwed when your popularity slows“.
A. Believe it or not, I’m investing, a lot. I want to have a good future for my wife and I so I’ve been financially planning as if in 10 years I will have 0 income (which isn’t likely).
B. With what I’ve been able to do with my business and marketing myself there’s a 95% chance I could land a job at any company that I would want to work at. The connections I’ve made and things that I’ve learned will greatly outweigh what I could have developed working a traditional job.
C. You’re a hater. Blowing out other peoples candles won’t make yours shine brighter. Stop worrying about my life and worry about yours. All the time you spend condemning other peoples plans could be used to make your life drastically better.
D. If you actually read my descriptions: I appreciate you. A lot: I put time into writing these so it’s nice to know they get seen.

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Bachelors in Business Management (Entrepreneurship Track)
University of Central Florida 2013-2016

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