Scott Ditchburn – Subrosa „Get Used To It“ Section

Scott Ditchburn’s street riding is like no other. He has a raw, ride anything, type of style which is credited to lending a hand in shaping todays U.K. street style. From huge barspins, gaps and drops to tech combos that could go on and on, he has it all in his bag of tricks.

His „Get Used To It“ section is awesome. Being on the team for so long his section spans a good chunk of time, but his style never varies. Filmed on multiple trips to the U.S. and Spain Scott put to use any spot we came across.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

Subrosa Brand’s „Get Used To It“ is available now worldwide in shops and mail-orders on DVD! The Digital Download is available at

Also a huge thank you goes out to the band Crank for the use of the song „Kill My Brain Make Me Smile“ for providing the soundtrack to Scott’s section.

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