Road 2 Recovery Fund Link

Scotty Cranmer

On October 12th, 2016 Scotty, Ronny, and I(Big Boy) arrived in Las Vegas for the monster cup. It was a free day and we only had a couple more hours of daylight so we decided to go film a video for the channel. The session was going amazing until the accident. Scotty suffered from a fluke crash that no one could have prepared for and ended up needing to be rushed to the hospital. Ronny and I stayed the night with him until his wife and father arrived the next day. The first day we arrived at the hospital he was in rough shape, the second day he was making improvements but still having some major issues, and by the third day he is acting more like himself and is making amazing progress. The road 2 recovery is fundraising money for Scotty to cover a majority of his expenses so that he can get the best treatment possible. Please everyone have Scotty in your thoughts and with all of your positive vibes he will pull through. Regarding the channel Scotty’s wife has asked if I would continue it while he is hurt. I am going to 100% going to keep it going because I know nothing would make him happier because he loves all of you that follow our channel like a family. I will try to get as many videos out but they might not be daily and I am flying back to New Jersey tomorrow so there will be a little break until I get back and get everything all sorted. This channel means the world to Scotty and we are going to keep it going for him and I ask you guys to stick with us through this tough time and continue to support the crew and we will be able to accomplish anything. -BIGBOY