When it comes to the Flybikes Pro team, we are very selective of just who we add and it’s not something we just offer to any rider that is the flavor of the week. We take a family approach to every rider we pick. Over the past two years that Sem Kok has rode for Flybikes through Rock N Roll Distribution, he has put in some serious work and miles in that time, bringing his speed and style to everything he touches from transitions to trails and street spots during laid back sessions to contests like the Vans BMX Pro Cup. We’ve watched Sem continue to push his limits and represent everything we are about here at Flybikes. We’re very excited to announce that we have added him to our Pro team, and that means he’ll be able to take his talent even further.
Although many of you might be familiar with Sem by now, here’s his welcome video that tells more of his story of how he got to where he is today, along with plenty of amazing riding!

Filmed by Marijn Ouwerkerk and Cas Kerssens
Edited by Cas Kerssens

Be Still, My Soul – Salt of the Sound
Tired Eyes – James Forest
The Rotary Lights – Cody Martin
Horizons – Theevs
Endless Horizons – Ian Post
Ichabod – OK Otter

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