Shane Weston Moon Grip Promo *ALT INTRO*

A while ago we started working on a different kind of grip, but we wanted to make something a little more special than the standard flange design. We were experimenting with rubber compounds and grip patterns when Shane got involved and told us he’d be really into a flangeless grip with a symmetrical shape that had a bigger, chunky grip pattern. The circular grip design was underway, but everything dropped into place when we added a sand-blasted texture to the grip. Suddenly they weren’t circles any more, but craters on the surface of the moon! Shane was really into it and so the Moon grip was born.

As this grip had such a unique look there was no way we could use our normal bar end with it. So, with Shane we worked up a design which blended perfectly into the style and shape of the grip and the rest is history.

The final compound is a really soft 23° durameter, high quality Kraton rubber. It’s both soft and comfy but at the same time feels sticky with loads of grip. At 150mm long it looks awesome on a wider bar, and the tighter 19mm internal diameter means there’s plenty of life in them too!

Filmed and edited by Nathan Williams

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