For Project GT-R PT. 8 My good friend Ricky Hoffman who is a mechanic at Precision Tuning a well known speed shop in NJ, came over with his compression gauge to do a once over on the RB26! We pulled the plugs to se how the car has been running and it seemed that the plugs were on their last leg so we decided to replace them after we did the compression test. I held my breathe as we checked each cylinder’s compression but the R32 GTR showed no signs of any issues and had great numbers across the board! We had to go to auto zone twice because the woman gave us the wrong spark plugs.. but the plugs went in and the car felt amazing until Ricky discovered yet another problem as the car’s rear end starts shaking under boost/load.. So, Project GT-R continues! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!