S&M 44 Something (1993)

On their bikes: Keith Treanor, Chris Moeller, Dave Clymer, Jimmy Levan, John Paul Rogers, Mike Lausman, Mike Ocoboc, Ian Morris, Sean Butler, John Englbert, Mike Griffin, Mike Castillo, Aaron Kreuger, Lawan Cunningham, Bob Kohl, John Peacy, Todd Lyons, Tim Hall, Chad Herrington, Will Smyth, Ronnie Farmer, Pete Augustin, Brad Blanchard, GG Hawkins, Jamie Spritzer, Randy Lawrence, Shawn Yarrell, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Steve Swope, Bubba, Chris Potts, Jay Eggleston, Dennis McCoy, Dave Parrick, Jay Lonergran, Alan Foster, Brian Foster, Hippie Jay, Paul Roberts, Chad Roberts, Jody Donnelly, Psycho

„Somehow, this video made for under $1,000 sold more than 8,000 copies, and was named by BMX Plus magazine as one of the Top Ten BMX videos of the 1990’s. Crazy. And yeah, that really was Dee Snider of Twisted Sister in the video.“ – Steve Emig (Editor)

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