S&M QP#1 – „Blind In Texas“ – Trailer

Main Feature Runtime: 22min 45sec

This is the trailer for the first video in the S&M Bikes QP – 4 DVD Box Set. Available here: http://www.sandmbikes.com/_product_87314/DVD_-_QP_BOX_SET

Description: Join Matt Beringer, Cameron Wood, Josh Stricker, Mike Hoder, Tony Cardona, and Randy Brown on their waffle and wild adventures through Austin, Texas. Then everything gets scrambled as the random scramble sections show some bangers from S&M homies, then on to the finale ~ The Hoder Special.

Split Part from: Aarash Saidi & Isaac Barnes

Appearances from: Donald Redmon, Chad Johnston, and Larry Alvarado.

Full Video part from: Mike Hoder

Trailer Music:
Romeo Liquor Store „Girls Love Speed“

Camera: Tommy Blanco, Larry Alvarado

Editing & Graphics: Dave Jacobs

DVD Bonus Features Include:
El Toro Outtakes – 2min 19sec
Let The Good Times Roll – 36sec
Shoot The Moon – 3min 52sec
S&M Fall Fiesta – 1min 23sec
S&M SoCal Trip – 2min
S&M Day In Long Beach – 2min 18sec
Shop Loop – (Loops main feature continuously – 22min 45sec)

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