S&M QP#2 – „S.A. to the Bay“ – Trailer

Main Feature Runtime: 34min 06sec

This is the trailer for the second video in the S&M Bikes QP – 4 DVD Box Set. Available here: http://www.sandmbikes.com/_product_87314/DVD_-_QP_BOX_SET

Description: The story of QP #2 begins with 6 riders from the city of Santa Ana, which in English means eat the poop of a lil‘ monkey. Randy Brown, Cam Wood, Beringer, Hoder, Tony C, and Aaron Bostrom all know the streets of S.A. as a playground. This time, the streets of The Bay will be their battle ground.

Appearances from: Greg Doliber, Mickey Marshall, Pedro-(Jonathan Kikawa), Boogdawg, Rok Krivec, Jacques Fourie, Sean Parker, Def Paul

Featuring Full parts from: Mike Hoder, and Aaron Bostrom

The Growlers
Are You In Or Out?

Camera: Marco Svizzero, Aaron Bostrom, Dylan Ambrose, Randy Brown, Justin Soule, Dave Jacobs, Adam Marshal, Travis Lyons, Jack Maddock, Def Paul, Zane Giust, Tommy Blanco.

Editing & Graphics: Dave Jacobs

DVD Bonus Features Include:
Outtakes – 18min 51sec
Blind In Texas Video Premier – 4min 28sec
Beringer Flip Cam – 20min 19sec
Shop Loop – (Loops main feature continuously – 34min 06sec)

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