S&M QP#4 – „Salt Lake Shake“ – Trailer

Main Feature Runtime: 1hr 22min

This is the trailer for the first video in the S&M Bikes QP – 4 DVD Box Set. Available here: http://www.sandmbikes.com/_product_87314/DVD_-_QP_BOX_SET

Description: Join Def Paul, AJ Anaya, Arrash Saidi, Sharkbait, Juaquin Silva, Mickey Marshall, Mike Hoder and Randy Brown as they shake, rattle and roll their way to Salt Lake City to ride and hang with Cameron Wood and Matt Beringer.

Split Parts from: Juaquin SIlva & Matt Walli, Sharkbait & AJ Anaya, Ryan Russell & BoogDawg

Appearances from: Keith Hartwell, Midget Cory, Cory Nastazio, Aaron Bostrom, Dave Jacobs, Sean Parker, and Juan Guerrero.

Full Parts From: Mickey Marshall, Mike Saavedra, Keith Hartwell, Justin Henninger, Rory Ellis, Def Paul, and Randy Brown.

The Screws
„Story 16“

Camera: Larry Alvarado, Davis James, Ryan Navazio, Dave Jacobs, Dylan Ambrose, Cam Wood, AJ Anaya, Sharkbait,
Rory Ellis, Aaron Bostrom, Kagen Doyle

Editing & Graphics: Dave Jacobs

DVD Bonus Features Include:
Hoder & Friends – NYC – 5min 10sec
Slideshow – 6min 35sec
Rory Rapper Interview – 3min 12sec
ARF Raffle – 4min 26sec
Micky Marshall Web Video – 2min 11sec
Sharkbait Interview – 23min 34sec
Cam Wood – 3min 50sec
Outtakes – 36min 53sec
Shaun Butler Flashback – 2min 49sec
Cam on the Snow Bike – 46sec
Shop Loop – (Loops main feature continuously – 1hr 22min)

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