Sparkys At Night – Street Jam

Never under estimate the potential of an empty parking lot and the will-power of a group of like-minded individuals!

A solid group of riders and the ramps to suit, the Sparky’s crew came together for a night session to break in the freshly built ramps before the jam the following day. Sparky’s Distribution brings you this great video from their warehouse parking lot. Packed with an array of wooden ramps and solid rails, including some original Roots Jam material. Trey Jones, Lahsaan Kobza, Jono Hopping, Johnny Devlin, Sean Burns, Mark Burnett and many others were on hand to share in the festivities and take advantage of a course that only had a life span of 48 hours!

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Filmed by Ryan Chadwick and Bobby Kanode
Edited by Ryan Chadwick.

Music :
The We Shared Milk
“Gross Deathbeds”
Lame Sunset

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