Sport Influencer Marketing with BMX Bike Riders

While every other agency is talking about Influencer Marketing within Sports everything seems to be there for decades. Here are some of our favorite Sport Influencer Marketing Content Pieces with BMX Bike Riders.

New Era Caps. We scouted athletes for a new team and traveled through germany to shoot this.

Monster Energy. Alex Donnachie and friends in Hastings Uk. Combined with „Battle of Hastings“ BMX Event.

Red Bull. Bruno Hoffmann went to Tel Aviv to shoot this branded content. We used all our channels (500.000 followers / fans / subscribers) to distribute this awesome content piece to a whole new audience. SEO and community at its best.

Carhartt Streetwear / Work in Progress. Great Brand. Great Athletes. Check this awesome video piece filled with great action and great clothing.

Vans. German BMX Rider Kilian Roth in the Streets of Cologne and Rotterdam.