Subrosa Brand – Day in the Life of Par T. Barr „Censored“

Take a look at a brief „Day in the Life“ of the Subrosa Party Bars! You thought 2pc bars had a good time, try partying with 4pc on your bike!

Par T Barr, takes you through a laid back Tuesday where he works through a hangover, heads to his local bike shop to pick up a new outfit, and then of course, ends his day with another party.

Party Bars available now worldwide at your local shop or mail order.

Check out the uncensored „Day in the Life“ here.

Kyle Hart signature Subrosa Party Bars
Height- 8.5″ or 9″
Width- 28″
Sweep- 12° Back 1° Up
Straight gauge tapered 4130 chromoly tubing with butted crossbar
100% heat treatment after welding
Anti-rust ED coating with masked knurling for better stem clamping
Weight: 34.8 oz
Colors: matte black, money green, dr. maroon, party splatter, chrome