Subrosa in California

The „Subrosa in California“ Tour consisted mainly of shops stops. With 5 shop stops, 2 video premieres, and 1 podcast in 7 days, the crew had a pretty busy schedule, but you know how the Subrosa dudes are, and when there was free time, we were out riding.

Featuring Subrosa riders Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, Nick Bullen, and Simone Barraco riding parks and a little street during our short time in California.

Thanks to Waylon, Lil Waylon, Adam 22 and the OSS crew, and everyone who came out to a shop stop, or just rode with us!

Film & Edit
Bobby Kanode


„((( Money Tree )))“
Pacific Yew

Mother Upduff

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