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Subrosa – Matt Ray at Woodward

Earlier this year Subrosa rider Matt Ray teamed up with Subrosa filmer Bobby Kanode to put together an edit from Mat“s week at Woodward Camp! Not hard to revise that this is the recipe for a great edit, so we decided to re-up the edit for our fans.

Check it out!


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„Subrosa Brand’s Matt Ray spent a week at camp and straight up murdered it. Prepare to have your mind blown by this banger of an edit!

Filmed By: Justin Benthien / Bobby Kanode
Edited By: Bobby Kanode
Thumbnail: Josh McElwee

Music: Saudade – „Blackout“
Music Available at https://youth1984.bandcamp.com, iTunes and Google Play


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Subrosa – Matt Ray at Woodward

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