Subrosa Street Rail Test

As with any product Subrosa makes, we have to test it to find it’s limitations. When Sparkys Disaster Squad member Matt Perkins said he wanted to drop onto the Subrosa Street Rail from the top of the wedge I knew it would be one of those tests.

While the rail wasn’t intended to be used like this, we wanted to show our fans, and people interested in the Subrosa Street Rail that when we say „Built BMX Tough“ we mean it.

The Subrosa Street Rail has an inner sleeve and a proprietary reinforcement bar to keep the center junction strong, while at the same time, being super easy to take apart to transport the rail.

You’ll also notice how the rubber feet keep the rail in place even with the force he’s hitting the rail with.

Check out our previous edits, all the spec and details of the Subrosa Street Rail at

Thanks to Matt, and follow him on Instagram @mattpstreetg