We went out to ride some street on a sunday at the industrial park in Lakewood, NJ we had such an awesome crew including Dom Simoncini, Mike Shimak, Cory Berglar, and myself and we got right into it! Mike Shimak took a nasty crash on his first trick of the day that pretty much ruined his whole session as he cut both of his palms and jacked up his wrist.. Dom Simoncini is a street riding master and killed it at every spot with some amazing forecaster fake tricks and he even did a massive superman out of a paved bank! Cory Berglar took on the fake challenge and defied all odds as he conquered the task! I had so much fun and did so many tricks i was proud of especially the gap to dumpster grind to 180! We love riding street and finding unique spots to ride all over the place! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!