Tall Bike Rider Seductively Takes Clothes Off

Free stickers and a personal drawing with every order!

As many of you know, this weekend I am moving down to Florida for school. I’ve been thinking, I’m going to be real busy with schoolwork and I want to dedicate every bit of my free time to riding. That being said I want to try and SELL ALL THE SHIRTS I have left before I leave. I may do shirts/hats again at some point in the future, but for now my web store will be CLOSING on Friday at midnight (in 2 days).
Thanks everyone who has ordered and plans on ordering this week, its been an awesome endeavor for sure.
Sometimes a step back is the only way to move forward.

Story behind this video? Jimmy left his shoes at my house during the filming of our last webisode (which I’m editing as we speak) and he came back today to get them. I asked for an idea to help sell some more shirts (my foot is currently in an air boot/cast thing from a 4 month old injury) and this is what he came up with. Fun to make, be sure to follow him @jimmyoakes

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