Tanner Easterla: Radio Bikes Nemesis Promo

Watch as Tanner Easterla executes a very impressive selection of moves on every rail setup imaginable, while riding his signature Nemesis frame, fork, and bars from Radio Bikes. From ice grinds up manly rails to well-thought-out lines, Tanner can do it all!

„Tanner Easterla’s signature NEMESIS line is built to last and take a serious beating. Put through all kinds of hell by Tanner and the team for over a year, this is one kit that won’t let you down when things get a little wild. Tanner has been working hard on stacking clips over the past 6 months and the result is over 3-minutes of absolute carnage.

Filmed and edited by Matt Freiheit.

The NEMESIS frame, fork, and handlebar are all available now worldwide and in the US through QBP.”


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