TCU TV: The Gabe Brooks Interview

02:40: Gabe talks about finally getting off probation03:17: Who introduced you to filming and putting together videos?04:55: You started out riding trails, how did you fit in within the trails scene?05:15: Tell us about the time you threw some big name pro riders out of your trails.06:00: Gabe talks about going to Russia when he was 12 for a gymnastics meet07:25: We discuss „The Gabe Roll“10:25: You also spent a lot of time doing Muay Thai kickboxing 11:52: How did you get the „One Punch“ nickname?13:00: Tell me about your high school days14:55: John and Gabe talk about his first Vital video and then going into jail for 3 years17:45: Gabe’s first sponsor was Diamondback19:40 We talk about the time Gabe bunnyhopped over a soccer goal23:24: What was it like being on the Kink team?24:39: Gabe talks about filming his OSS video with Mike Mastroni and being critical of filmers while working on videos26:15: John talks about working with Gabe and how difficult he can be to film with29:07: Is it weird for you being a celebrity in BMX?29:50: Gabe talks about being into gardening and painting33:00: Let’s talk about your reality show36:20: Let’s talk about your Selling Swag video part that you filmed with Hicks37:02: Who are your favorite riders to watch?38:30: We talk about Steve Croteau and criticizing your friend’s riding41:00: The insane uprail line Gabe did in Denver Nugs43:23: Do you plan out your outfits for when you film a clip?44:44: Let’s talk about your uprail to superman banger in your second Vital video46:00: Let’s talk about your part in the new Stranger video47:32: Who’s your favorite black rider besides yourself?49:00: Adam describes how Gabe breathes confidence into white boys50:10: Gabe talks about getting his viral Vine in a WorldStar compilation52:35: Adam talks about how Gabe always tells everyone that they are like TupacFootage from Miles Rogoish, John Hicks, Darryl Tocco, Mike Mastroni, Chris Long, Andrew Jackson and more—Subscribe to our channel for more BMX videos like this one!OUR WEBSITE UPDATED EVERY DAY WITH NEW BMX VIDEOS: http://www.thecomeup.comTWITTER: T SHIRTS. FREE STICKERS WITH EVERY ORDER: