I decided to teach The Big Boy how to manual a BMX bike! Everyone knows Big Boy isn’t great at manual anything! Cars, Bikes, it doesn’t matter he just doesn’t get it! I took the time to attempt to teach him to manual his BMX and after seeing his first attempt I knew I had my work cut out for me! Big Boy messed up step 1 by forgetting the most important thing you need when riding, your helmet! After finding an old racing helmet in the dumpster we went step by step to turn him into a manual master!I made a deal with Big Boy if he can make it across the back of the bike shop and around the corner then i would by him the biggest slurpee WaWa had to offer! against all odds he did it! We then did some rally in his non- manual WRX to get the Slurpee! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and add me on snapchat SCOTTY_CRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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