The Cream S13 – My First 240SX

Making a video about a car that’s bought, not built? THIS IS RIDICULOUS?!?!
Let me tell you why I bought one of the cleanest S13s out there and what I’ve done and plan to do with it.
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The Nissan 240x is an extremely popular car in the BMX world, so I wasn’t surprised at the massive demand to do a video about this car. Everyone has a connection to a 240 in some way, whether it be having a friend that owns one, a sibling, or maybe even wanting to slide one around yourself. I bought this car for one reason, TO HAVE FUN. In the end of the day, that’s what it’s about to me. As much as I would have liked to build this car from scratch myself, it is 100% unrealistic with everything else I have going on. I feel as though I explain everything pretty well in this video though. Just as a disclaimer (even though I say it like 100000000 times) I’M NOT MAKING THIS VIDEO PRETENDING THAT THIS CAR IS 100% MY BUILD. I wanted to acknowledge what has been done to the car (and done right might I add) by the awesome previous owner and set the slate clean for this car to become my own. I love 240s, I love you guys (NH), and I love this car. Let me share it with you :)

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