The Cream S13 – Mysterious Overheating

I’m pretty stupid, I break things, and I take a trip to the Enjuku HQ to pick up some goodies. I may have tampered with literally everything in my cooling system to no avail – but at least I learned!
(Description Continued)

If you do not like cars (or me) I am extremely sorry because you probably don’t like this video! It’s been a pretty common request for me to make a „build“ video of what goes on behind the scenes with my drift car. We didn’t really do too much cool stuff in this video, but the next one should have way more cool stuff. I was just so focused on fixing the overheating issue that I wouldn’t allow myself to do anything else until the car was mechanically sorted. I tried to keep things short and somewhat entertaining – please let me know how I did. I owe a huge thanks to everyone whose been giving me tips/advice and lending me a hand in keeping this thing running. Couldn’t do it without all of you!!!