The Day BMX Took Over The Streets Worldwide

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The Street Series Jams went global in 2015 in support of #BMXDAY and they couldn’t have gone any better! On the 18th of July we saw multiple street jams going off worldwide, all in the name of having fun on bikes. We were there with DIG for the five main events in Glasgow UK, Riga in Latvia, Nagoya in Japan and San Francisco/Chicago in the US… and we thought we’d put them all together and show you what went down that day in one single recap edit. One of the most exciting factors of street jams is the fact that anything can happen and this year was no different. High speed gaps, run-ins with cops, crazy locals and mobs of riders weaving their way though cities… this is how you do it!

And that’s not all; we’re stoked to announce that you can look out for a 2016 Street Series jam in support of #BMXDAY jam near you on July 23rd. Look for more new on early this year. #BEAPARTOFIT

Filmed by Peter Adam, Veesh , David Leep, Will Stroud, Grant Castelluzzo, and Ben McPherson

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