The Éclat Maverick Cranks Feat. Anthony Perrin

Behold the MAVERICK cranks. These cranks are all about strength, as anyone who’s ever snapped a pair of cranks will know, its usually at the welding where things let go. This is where alloy comes into its own, being able to forge in a 3D shape means you can avoid the welding, and therefore the weak spot. What’s totally unique about the Mavericks is their use of a regular 48 spline. Until now alloy cranks were only available with a mountain bike style square spindle and a pinch bolt on the arm. We wanted to raise the bar and clean up the looks, and thanks to a heat treated crmo insert into the alloy its all been made possible.

Anthony Perrin takes them for a spin, hitting em hard on crank arms to test the overall strength.

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Filmed: Maxime Terasson, Theo Zannettacci.

Edit: Fafa