We jumped in my truck and drove up to Brooklyn, NY for my sponsor Vans 50th Birthday Party! Cory Berglar, Matty Cranmer, and Big Boy tagged along and from the second we drove away from home the laughs began! Cory was cracking jokes all over the place and he also had a serious toothache but that didn’t slow him down at all! We got to NYC and walked rode the streets to see what we could ride! We then went to the party where NAS took the stage! The next morning we got on our bikes and headed out to the House Of Vans to ride but the skatepark was still set up for the party so we had to hit the streets to find other stuff to ride! We then our bad luck continued as we accidentally broke into a construction site looking for the williamsburgh bridge pump track and got kicked out by a worker and threatened with a fine! We then finished off the trip with a session on this awesome wall ride! We had a blast and i can’t wait to do more trips like this! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!