The Profile Z-Coaster – Everything You Need to Know

Is this mysterious BMX hub worth the insane $358 price tag?
In this video we will explore pros & cons of the hub, in addition to how it works.
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As soon as the hub came out everyone wondered if I was going to ride it or not… I saw it as a pretty cool opportunity to try out something new and to make a review about. I really want to start doing more reviews, and this was perfect because there isn’t any videos about this hub that aren’t made by profile themselves. As with all my reviews, I try to touch on the positives and negatives instead of just addressing one side of the topic. I’m very happy with my hub thus far, but will you be? It’s DEFINITELY expensive, whether it is worth it or not is up to you. As I said in the video, you’re more than welcome to try out mine before you order one- just hopefully I’m in your area some time soon!

I tried using my new wide angle lens for this review. Not really the best use for it, but it was cool to switch things up. In case you were wondering, I was NOT paid by Profile for making this video. I would never make a commissioned review without specifically telling you guys in the video. Your trust means more than a few dollars to me any day.

Thanks for watching, I hope this helps clear some things up!