The Ramp II: Scotty Cranmer || Teaser || Presented By Monster Energy

Rules are not what BMX is about. And, when you begin to subscribe to an idea that you’re supposed to do this or that while riding your bike, you’re missing the whole idea…

In the July 2009 issue of the magazine we introduced The Ramp. It was an article that took us two years to make, as we passively ticked away at sending it around the country to various people. Jimmy Levan did a wallride over a nine foot barb’d wire fence to flat, Garrett Byrnes jumped a Ferrari, Dave Osato did a tailwhip nosepick on a barrier, and Craig Mast attempted to jump a 50 foot creek. It was an entertaining article, we thought. It was different, yet inherently BMX at the same time. After all, a board laid on a block was, for a long time, most people’s first introduction to launching into the air. It was the first ramp and still remains the simplest to make. But, as parks get placed in every neighborhood, the idea of a block and board has seemingly been forgotten. And further, as a whole, we’ve become so institutionalized that the idea of building a ramp and jumping something out in the streets taboo. Straightforward feelings: fuck that. So, after some thought, we decided to bring the ramp back for another go for a six part series that we’ll be introducing over the next year. First up, the legendary Scotty Cranmer breaks the seal on the newly revised ramp.

Full video drops October 20th on

Film/edit: Ryan Fudger