The Reason – Wethepeople 2016 Complete BMX

The Reason was always built with the street rider in mind, and for 2016, this really couldn’t be any more the case. This full crmo bike features updated geometry with a shorter offset fork and a taller stand over height on the frame making it feel very close to what a lot of the team are riding on this year. The 2016 Reason gets a full parts upgrade including the new Saltplus (Sting) tires in 2.4 and 2.3-inch as well as Saltplus Nylon hub guards for super smooth grinds making the Reason the go to choice for the aspiring handrail shredder in you.

The Reason is now available in a special FC version this year, allowing you to experience the Freecoaster revolution on one of the most dialed bikes possible. The Saltplus (Pro) Freecoaster hub uses totally new internals that are both incredibly durable, and super smooth, allowing you to really push the Reason to its limits. We finished this incredible machine off with it’s very own full cromoly 4pc bar in a taller 9-inch rise. If street riding is your thing, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

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