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Our BMX submission courtesy of Tim Schoberth (Hit him with a subscribe: If you’d like to submit a video to the Our BMX YouTube channel, please email an unlisted YouTube link to with “YouTube Submission” and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

„Since last year I’ve had a couple of different miniDV-camcorders in my possession, so I knew I want to film a full SD video. Earlier this year I read the book ‚The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test‘ written by Tom Wolfe about Ken Kesey’s psychedelic bus trip. That’s where the inspiration for the trippy visuals came from. For a long time I couldn’t decide whether to put my pegs on or off, but now I know the trip will go on pegless. Thanks to David Schaller, Artur Meister and Valle Seuss for filming, the whole Cancelled Crew, everyone I rode bikes with in 2019 and everyone that supports me, you know who you are!“ —Tim Schoberth

In short, we are the Ride BMX staff out on our own. We’re building from the ground up and our goal is pretty simple. We want to continue what we love. We want to create great content, feature awesome riders, and contribute, push, and show why we love BMX. We sincerely appreciate any and all support… —Ryan Fudger, Jeff Zielinski, Adam Watkins, and Justin Benthien.