This One Armed BMX Rider KILLS IT.

Would you still ride if you had half an arm? Juanje Trujillo says yes. SUBSCRIBE:

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If you only had one leg or half an arm, would you still ride? Juanje Trujillo answers that question with a resounding yes in this video, showing us that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Between guys like Kurt Yeager, Julian Molina and now Juanje, its pretty well proven that you don’t need four limbs to ride BMX. These dudes are seriously inspiring!

Today we’re excited to be premiering Juanje Trujillo’s introductory edit for Fisurebmx! We’ve been helping him as much as we could for a long time, but we’re really excited to officially welcome him to our team! His last edit was a huge success, and helped him get support from brands such as Horizon watches, DudTree clothing, and S&M Bikes was even kind enough to make him his own custom handlebar. Now we want to help gain Juanje more exposure and to share his talent with the world because he was born to shred BMX!

Ya tenemos disponible el nuevo video de Juanje Trujillo, en este caso para Fisurebmx! que a partir de ahora formara parte de nuestro team, aun que siempre le hemos echado una mano y lo hemos apoyado en todo. Su ultimo video fue todo un éxito, gracias a ello consiguió mucha ayuda de varias marcas como la marca de relojes horizon watches o la marca de ropa DudTree, incluso la marca americana S&M le diseño un manillar para el, ahora queremos darle un gran apoyo y tambien poder compartirlo con todo el resto del mundo! Porque Juanje nació para esto!!!!
Filmed/Edited: Yoni Cadenas.