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Trevor Sigloch I Need Dubs

Been sittin‘ on this one of Trevor Sigloch sittin‘ on dubs for a minute now, but today’s the day Trevor’s 22″ footy finds its way onto the World Wide Web. If you have been itching for a 22″ check out the links to Trevvy’s 22″ build below.

Rider: Trevor Sigloch @trevvysiklocks
Song: I Need Dubs By: Master P.
Song: Scraper Bike By: Trunk Boiz

Frame: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/frames/atf-frame-for-22-wheel/
Bars: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/9-hoder-high-bar/
Stem: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/shredneck/
Wheels: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/revenge-oem-22-wheelset/
Tires Front/Rear: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/speedball-tire/
Cranks: https://fitbikeco.com/product-category/cranks/
Sprocket: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/tuffman-sprocket/
Pedals: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/gns-pedals/
Seat: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/fat-pivotal-seat/
Seatpost: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/long-johnson-pivotal-seatpost/
Grips: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/hoder-grips/


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Trevor Sigloch  I Need Dubs

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