VANS BMX: KILL THE LINE 2013 – Dirt Jump Contest

VANS BMX: KILL THE LINE 2013 – Dirt Jump Contest – check this out!

Californian dirt pro Mike ‚Hucker‘ Clark is the crowned the winner of VANS Kill The Line 2013! To snatch the title, he unleashed his signature 360 nose-dive, a superman, a no-footed cancan to x-up, a big 360 – taking time to greet the judges mid-way, a 360-whip, and an oppo 3-downside whip, amongst others! The UKs Ben Wallace placed second with tricks than included a 360 lookback, a barspin one-handed x-down to tobogan and a 360 double downside-whip. Bavarias finest Simon Moratz got third pulling loads of high and constantly clean flip trick variations over the difficult jumps. The format was three runs with only the best one counting.

More than 7.000 spectators witnessed 17 finalists out of 40 riders competing on the ‚Les Kills‘ line, consisting of nine jumps set amongst the pine forest. Some of the world’s best dirt riders came to the legendary Peynier Trails in the South of France and battled for their share of the 7.000 Euros prize money .

A new feature of the 5th consecutive VANS Kill the Line comp was the Best Train Competition, on Saturday afternoon. After an impressive and pretty technical performance it was ‚Team Ridazz‘ with T.J. Ellis (US), Rob Darden (US), Simon Moratz (GER), Daniel Tünte (GER), Alex Landeros (US) and Josh Stead (AUS) that amazed both audience and judges with their ‚train‘, consisting of perfectly dialed 360s, 720s, front-and backflips. It was also T.J. Ellis and the French Adrien Loron who won two wildcards and made their way into finals on Sunday.

Vans Kill the Line, one of the largest Dirt Jump Jams in Europe, is organized by the BMX Peynier association — namely the BMX legends Alex Dropsy, Bibi, Berenger Guilb Cordier, Nicolas Beou Bertier and Cedric Pouky Carrez — and an entire village of volunteers. It was judged by Dave ‚Hank‘ Cleworth (UK), Markus Hampl (GER), Patrick Haebig (AUT) and head judge Nicolas Bertier (FRA). Other highlights of the weekend were the world premiere of The Diggest video ‚PERSPECTIVE 002‘ featuring Mike Aitken, a live-concert and the mandatory after-party with Cory ‚Nasty‘ Nastazio entertaining Peynier.


1. Mike „Hucker“ Clark (USA)
2. Ben Wallace (UK)
3. Simon Moratz (GER)

4. JB Peytavit (FRA)
5. Cam White (AUS)
6. Daniel Tünte (GER)
7. Justin Fouque (FRA)
8. Alex Landeros (USA)
9. Rob Darden (USA)
10. Joe Simpson (NZ)



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