Vert is Alive – Tabron, Warden, & Larrin on Tony Hawk’s Ramp

While you may not experience it every single day, vert riding is alive and well in 2016. And, believe it or not, it doesn’t just go down at corporate contests and random demos. While it’s not limited to just these three, Zack Warden, Simon Tabron, and Mykel Larrin ride vert multiple times a week simply for the love of the big U-shaped ramp. These guys continue to push themselves and progress regularly, all while having a damn good time. We caught up with the guys to take a look into one of these sessions and check out the madness firsthand. Believe it or not, this all went down on a weekday morning.

Big thanks to Tony Hawk for welcoming us into his lair and consistently producing fun video games. Cheers, Birdman!