Viral Facebook Fight Shows BMX Rider Get Choke Slammed

Viral Facebook Fight Shows BMX Riders vs Local Kids. Subscribe:

Jordan Nimmer just hit me up about a video that he posted to his Facebook which has already gotten over 100,000 views. In the video (seen above) you can see a confrontation between a small crew of BMX riders and a few infuriated locals. There are two sides to every story and this situation is no different. On one hand we have Jordan’s side: the local kids were harassing the BMX riders and threw their backpacks over the fence, so they responded by throwing one of their bikes over the fence.

The angry locals (and once it went viral, the local news) didn’t take it that way; they saw it as a clear instance of some older riders picking on young kids and bullying them out of the skatepark.

All this gets further complicated by the fact that all of the locals are black and all of the riders are white. There isn’t anything overtly racial said in the video and Jordan has been posting on his Facebook denying any racial bias, but plenty of the Facebook comments don’t seem to care.

You can make up your own mind in regards to who is at fault here, but I think it’s obvious that both sides could have handled this differently. The BMX riders shouldn’t have thrown a little kid’s bike over the fence. The local dude shouldn’t have choke slammed the BMX rider. And perhaps more importantly, Jordan probably shouldn’t have thrown this video up on Facebook. Here’s the message he sent me, let us know what you think about this mess in the comments:

„So long story short some little black kids came to the skatepark 6-11 there were 10 of them and they were getting in the way so we told them to leave they got all in our faces and was throwing our backpacks and stuff over the fence so my dumb ass and threw there bike over the fence and they left got there dad and mom and family and i recorded the incident and he grabbed my friend by the neck and threw him too the ground and we got things cooled down a little and my friend who broke it up was arguing with them and they left we called the police and they said because they left there wasn’t a „problem anymore“ and left and i posted a rant on facebook and posted the video and in two days i gained support from my whole town the video has 112,000 views and the police decided to do something after i humiliated them on the internet my friend that was assaulted got $400 in tickets for the incident and the black people got nothing and they threw his bike too and my local news paper asked to do a report on it and i said yes and they murdered the story and made us look like the bad people and i got a headline in the newspaper but they were filling it will lies and incorrect information to make us look like typical bad kids and I’m extremely pissed because we worked extremely hard to finally get bikes in the skatepark and we are a great group of kids and they are making us look bad and my town is supporting me a bunch and they want me to take it even higher so people know the truth and the police said „obviously something is being done“ but nothing was going to be done if i didn’t post that but we want to get more stuff for the skatepark“

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