Webisode 10: LENS HIT

This is our 10th Webisode, hooray! You guys always ask for a longer one, and this one so happened to turn out extra long and juicy? We start the day off at my ramp with some awesome plans that get rained out. Either way, its a good thing it rained or we wouldn’t have gone to the ledge spot! Still light on the riding on my part because of my thumb. Comment something and hit that like button dawg! http://LZBMX.com
Cody will be fisheyeless for a while, as those lenses cost a pretty penny, but luckily I bought one for myself that we are going to use the next time we meet up.
Well, adam lz likes lasagna and a filet mignon doesnt mean free willlys so lets all go part like a rock, party like a rock star heyyyyy yaaaa, breakkkkk mee. LIKE A RECKING BALLLLLLLL

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