Webisode 11: Two Coffees

Before I start writing the description for this video, let me explain something. It is super difficult to go out and ride with the intention of filming a webisode. The jokes seem scripted, the humor is unbearable, and the video just gets this really shitty vibe. Dennis, Nicole (my girlfriend), and I took an hour and a half drive out to Port Orange just to chill, ride, and have a good time our first Friday off (we all don’t have class every friday, and are hoping to film every week from now on). With that in mind, it was kind of chill, really chill actually, which is why the first part of the video is set up the way it is. However, when our grips got too sweaty to ride (shoutout to 80 degree weather), I made the decision to go on a Starbucks run. They fucked up my drink and I wound up with two Venti (large) coffees (one caramel fran latte, one caramel fran frappachino). Robert and Nicole don’t drink coffee, and I don’t waste money, so of course I drank them. Me „on“ caffiene is like Charlie Sheen on crack. Thats a horrible example. Anyway, you can directly see the mood of the day change post-coffee. So sit back, relax, enjoy, and when its all over go order something off http://LZBMX.com

A big thank you is in order for Robert and Nicole for filming, without them I wouldn’t be able to make videos like I love to do.

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