Webisode 12: Paradise Skatepark

It was a rainy day and we wanted to ride so we took a drive out to Meritt Island’s Paradise Skatepark to session with some homies!
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We haven’t made a video in a while so filming a webisode seemed like a decent idea. Riders include Adam LZ, Rober Barranco, Zachary Ozment, James Corbin, Joel Corbin, Kyle Noble, Noah Monroe, and Caine Thron. I apologize for the video quality. The park actually didn’t even have lights because the owner doesn’t like to pay the electricity bill, but we were able to persuade him to let us turn them on to make an un-filmable location slightly filmable.
Lets have a contest and see who can come up with the funniest comment? Oh and shoutout to Boqer123 for shouting me out in their last video. Bang bang. I like frogs and cats and dogs and bats.

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