Webisode 13: South Florida

This is what you get when you give a bunch of friends 2 crazy skateparks and the most famous street spot in Miami. I never really hung out with any of these people before this trip, but after a few days of riding and hanging out I would consider them some of my favorite people.
If you follow me on twitter (@adam_LZ) you are already aware that this is one of TWO webisodes we filmed during Spring Break. I figured it would be better to have two ten minute videos than to have one twenty minute video and have a bunch of people stop watching halfway through. The next webisode will have all the clips from Mike Spinner’s house, and definitely the best riding footage we filmed on our little trip. These clips are rather chill on my part, who would want to get hurt on the first days of a trip! Just kidding I’m just lazy as per usual. Everyone else killed it so I didn’t have to.
Trips like this are only possible because of you guys. Your support on our webstore ( http://LZBMX.com ) gives me money to fund little trips like this. I spent somewhere around $350 between gas, food, and skatepark admission, but I’m glad it was spent wisely on a fun trip rather than on netflix and alcohol or whatever the typical 18 year old non-bmx rider wastes their money on.
A special thanks is in order for….
-Danny Josa for the unlimited supply of Redbull and letting us stay at his house.
-Robert Barranco’s family for a couple dinners and letting us stay there too.
-The nice lady at Drop In for not making me pay admission.
-Robert for being so god damn good in bed (by not spooning with me, that was a joke).
-Brian Fox for buying me and Danny a $70 dinner with his restauraunt sponsorship.
-Everyone who filmed (Kai Buelvas, Collin Jenson, Moscow Mark P., Robert Barranco, and my trusty dusty tripod).
-Anyone and everyone who drove me somewhere because I was too worried about my car breaking down. P.O.S.
If you read this whole description, props to you. Below is a list of everyone who makes an appearance in this video and their respective instagram names so you can stalk them and ask them what bike parts they ride.
Mark Pyatigorskiy – @Mark_Pyatigorskiy1
Robert Barranco – @RobertBMX895
Danny Josa – @DannyJosa
Mike Sugdinis – @MikeSugdinis
Kai Buelvas – Kai_TheKittyKat
Adam LZ – @Adam_LZ

Drop in skatepark, Brian Piccolo Skatepark, Orange Peels Downtown Miami

Oh Wee (Immortal Beats) / CC BY-SA 3.0