Webisode 14: Resi Rats

Undoubtedly the best riding of any webisode we have ever made.
Mike Spinner’s backyard skatepark makes the perfect place to have fun and send a bunch of new tricks. http://LZBMX.com

I personally had a blast. Although the first two days we got rained out, the third one we got a pretty solid session going and I even learned two new tricks. We did ride the resi A LOT, but who wouldn’t if you don’t have access to ride one anywhere else? Please hit the like button. Every time you like/comment/share it gets our videos WAY more exposure. We put some hard work into this one so it would be sweet to see it become our most popular webisode!

Anyone can ride Mike Spinners house. He charges $30 per day, which everyone has to pay, including us. It’s a lot, but I figured it would be worth it to make this webisode. If you are interested in riding his house you can get more info by E-Mailing foxb.brian@gmail.com (Brian runs the sessions).

If the shirts were confusing you, we’re sorry. I always try to hook the friends up with shirts, and both Brian and Robert wanted the Always Riding 3/4 sleeve. So one day Robert was wearing it and one day Brian was. Lol.
Everyone killed it and we had a blast.
Danny Josa – @dannyjosa
Brian Fox – @brianfoxbmx
Robert Barranco – @robertbmx895
Jessi Nelson – @JessiNelson
Allie Bowman – @Allieebowman

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